“Journaling provides a path to access your wisdom within, escorting you to a place of heightened self-awareness and deepened inner peace.” –Lauri Pointer

My mom teaches journaling workshops, so I grew up understanding how journaling can help you to center yourself, to process emotions, and to open up to a world of wonderful possibilities. I remember my first journal was a sketchbook with magazine pictures of dogs, mountains, paints, fairies and books glued to the pages. My mom gave my brother and me these books before we could write along with a pile of magazines and the instructions to cut out any images that made us feel joyful, anything that attracted us. The result was a beautiful book of all the things that made us feel joyful, centered, at peace.

In my adult life, I use my journal as a space to work through fears and anxieties and to manifest the highest good in my life. The pages are still filled with cut out pictures, and also words and quotes scrawled in multi-colored pens.

As a restorative justice facilitator, I am always excited when journaling makes its ways into a contract for how the person who caused harm will put things right. So often, when we harm others, we also cause a great deal of harm to ourselves. Journaling is sometimes included in a restorative contract as a way for the person to repair harm to self, working through the feelings and experiences that led up to the crime as well as what has happened since.

Journaling is such a powerful tool for anyone, but particularly for people who are going through a tough time. It creates a way to ground and center yourself, finding a sense of inner peace and understanding that then ripples out into your life and the way you interact with others. When we cultivate inner peace, we influence outer peace too!

If you would like to learn more about the power of journaling, I recommend signing up for my mom’s newsletter. Contact me at the email above and I will send you the link. It is real, insightful, and always includes a great journaling prompt at the end. Soon, she will be sending out information on her upcoming journaling book, which includes stories and journaling prompts tailored for all life’s stages and challenges. The quote at the beginning of this piece is from her upcoming book.

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