In these posts for Rotary District 5440, we hope to offer ideas and skills for bringing peacebuilding to a local level where individually and collectively we can reflect on the big, historic aspects of peace and global diplomacy on an international level, but also what any of us can know and do to work through the myriad of problems and hassles, the conflicts and tensions that can divide families and friends, co-workers and community members.

We also want to offer ideas for reconciliation, for healing the wounds and hurts that are part of life’s learning.

Accordingly, we invite you to read along, to offer your comments and thoughts. Whether in schools or on college and university campuses, in community meetings, our business dealings and work places, or in our places of worship, we know that we can know more about our “better angels” that Abraham Lincoln referenced to help in the aftermath of the U.S. Civil War.

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